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Thermoelectric Generator

Club member Ben W. and his team members at the University of Windsor printed off some parts for their human powered thermoelectric generators. According to Ben, "If you look at the first picture, the thing on the bottom with the wires coming out of it is a thermoelectric generator. We're using the 3d printed parts as a fixture to hold the generator and a small heat sink together. Using the 3d printed fixture, we can also connect multiple generators together to make an arm band (see 2nd picture).

Once the generators are around your arm and in contact with your skin, it generates a small amount of electricity. 3D printing the parts was great since it was fast and cheap, and the fact that its plastic works out well since it insulates the sides of the generator as well.

The parts were fairly basic, however were instrumental for the project. As Ben mentioned, they were cheap to produce, quite accurate, and ideal for the applied use. Awesome!

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