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Test Print - design to reality

Process from design to 3D printed object

Today we had a few members in to hang out and become more familiarized with 3D printing. We had a look at Rhino and some of its options, we talked about making jewelry and as a result looked at Lost PLA casting. We also printed a test that cost $1.28 to print and took 2.5 hours to do so.

Starting with a design on paper - brainstorming/sketching

Moving on to Rhino to design and refine

Finished slicing and are now printing!

Yay 3D printing!

Print is done, removing support material

Finished! As we can see the support material was used to support the lettering, however it made a mess. Conclusion: don't always need to use support material. This print would have printed out perfect without it. Lesson Learned :)

We also talked about making jewelry and what might be involved if one wanted to turn a 3D print into such we looked at Lost PLA metal casting

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