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Printing a test water bottle - Time & Pricing

Time and price comparison between the uPrint SE and Ultimaker 2 Extended+

Testing one two...test test test...

yes yes it's test time

I figured it would be a good idea to get a better sense of the time difference and pricing difference between the two printers. 

So I quickly scaled a water bottle down to 16mm wide and 52 mm high and printed it out on both printers. Now we need to keep in mind that I already knew the uPrint was going to more expensive and take more time;  It is a very precise machine used for very accurate physical renderings of 3D objects. Yet, there is a substantial difference between the two printers. 

uPrint  came out to $3.10 at 7/cubic inch and it took 2 hours to print.

Ultimaker 2 Extended+ came out to .35 cents and took 1 hour to print.

HUGE DIFFERENCE!!!!!   Now if it weren't for the fact that that the uPrint can print insanely complex parts, I think I would almost write it off all together...almost.

A few in process shots below.

I will post final result next post of surface finish.

uPrint SE - water Bottle test print
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