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Chevy Silverado front Grill

Over the last week we have been working on reverse engineering a bumper for a truck model (1 quarter scale). It was an interesting process of using a few different programs, but ultimately used mesh mixer and rhino to accomplish the task. Below are some photos of the process. We started off using a blueprint found online, and then searching for a 3d model to reference from. In the end we found some usable surfaces in the Sketchup 3d model warehouse, but we not 3d printable, as as such had to rebuild the surfaces using mesh mixer and rhino. ;)

using  catalyst to process the sol file for printing - not cheap...this print came out to $68.70

using the print!!

All done and ready for bath time

glued both hals together!

Primed with primer filler, this is really important if you want to get a smooth surface without having the printer tool lines visible.

after many coats of primer/filler we chromed the parts!!


And this is what the grill was for. Model made by Chelsea Greenwell - 2016

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