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3D Selfie Booth - WAVES 2016

UWIN_3D Print Club is hosting a 3D Selfie Booth during WAVES Festival as part of Hackforges Hack the Fest!!  - Sept 30th and Oct 1st from 4pm to 11pm -

Translate yourself from physical to digital using our Kinect 3D scanner to capture your 3D selfie! We can email you a copy of your 3D selfie for your personal use and as a bonus service provided by the club, you can swing by during club hours to have your 3D selfie printed out at cost. Check out our website at for more info, such as, meeting times, our equipment and prices for 3D printing. We are located in SOCA/Lebel Building in the DDD Print Lab.

We will also have a raffle draw to guess how many layers are in a print on site - the winner will receive 25 hours of free print time at the club (basically enough to cover a large object, or a few smaller ones).

Join us on facebook at

Our official website - (If you are a student sign up to become a member!!)

Proudly sponsored and made possible by SOCA, EPICentre and Hackforge.

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