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3D printer down for repairs today

- edit - is now working better then ever!

So, I have been noticing that there was noticeable line (under extrusion) at around 12mm to 15mm. To begin with it seemed that the line would only be there every other print, however, it started getting to the point where very print had this break point and so we had to shut down for a day to really figure it out.

As you can see the break point/under extrusion is quite noticeable and results in prints that are unacceptable.

I managed to narrow the issue down to the support/guid pillars for the z axis. The linear bearings were sticking at a particular point, right at the 13mmm mark...AHA!

Strange thing was that certain models like the face were printing out badly however, moments later the cylinder printed out ok...

not great, but at least there was not under extrusion...

So we applied mineral oil to the supports, changed a few settings and got the printer back up and running.

the one on the left is just after applying mineral oil, and on the right is after mineral oil and some adjusted settings...Looking good!!!

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