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3D print meet & greet at Hackforge

Hackforge held an event this past Saturday to get 3D printing enthusiasts together for a show and tell and to gauge public interest for future related events. It was a great way to meet others and share common interests in 3D printing. The event also served as an opportunity to further expand our community of beginners and experts alike!


We talked about some exciting prospects for future meetups, such as scheduled meetings to build personal 3D printers as well as possible donations for a community 3D printer stationed at Hackforge!

Something that I am excited about is creating a stronger link between UWIN_3D print and Hackforge, especially as the Art department and subsequently the 3D print lab move downtown.

Hackforge promo:

Are you interested in building a 3D printer?

Please join us for an informal and beginner friendly meet and greet. Attendees will share photos and stories about 3D printers that they have built, want to build or are currently building. Feel free to bring your own photos and stories!

We look forward to planning future events for 3D printer builders and want to gauge interest.


Printer built by hackforge

Prints brought in to show and tell

UWIN_3D print club shameless plug :)

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