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123D Catch vs Kinect

Interesting that you can even see the logo!

Did some tests to see how well 123D catch worked on a relatively difficult object to scan (due to the void in the handle and the small pump nozzle) you can see 123d Catch works much better!

123D Model -


  • Very good/excellent detail


  • takes time to take all the individual photos to then upload to your account
  • you must have an account with Autodesk - they own the 3D model and give you a royalty free use.
  • takes about 45 mins to receive your model from the cloud
  • quite a bit of clean up to do on the model
  • not 3D print ready

Kinect Scan


  • very fast/real time scans
  • 3D print ready (if you use the 3D selfie option)
  • no need to join up with any site


  • fairly low detail
  • not very good with voids and fine detail
  • does not like black surfaces
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